Claims Payment & Fund Accounting

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Produce checks, ACH/EFT, Explanation of Benefits, remittance advice, 835’s and supporting output in VISOVA’s automated payment process. Print locally on your own MICR printer, or using VISOVA’s interface with Web-MD’s check printing services (formerly known as ABF).


  • Flexible ACH and Remittance Advice provider payment directives
  • Batch claim check payments
  • Positive Payment data to financial institutions
  • Supports Alternate Payee and Garnishment functions
  • Variable messaging

CREDIT RECOVERY VISOVA’s Refund Management System provides automated tools for Voids, Voids and Reissues, Void and Adjust, and Unsolicited & Solicited Refunds.

Automated Credit Recovery options for overpayments:

  • Balance Forward
  • Letter Based Recovery
  • Threshold based Write Off
  • Controlled via account with Provider overrides


  • Supports unlimited account and sub-account configurations
  • Manage Check and ACH account details
  • Establish Recovery rules
  • MICR and Check format controls
  • Extracts to third party accounting systems
  • Check Clearing