Enrollment Management

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If your business model requires that you manage member enrollment, VISOVA has a fully integrated enrollment system to support claims, premium billing, capitation and all other member related activities.


Demographic Data and Mailing Address for each participant (Insured + Dependents)

Coverage tracking by:

  • Employer, Network, Product, Payer, Plan, Department, COBRA, etc. Supporting flexible Client/Employer linkage based on your specified control breaks.

Track member level details related to:

  • Salary and Benefit Volume
  • Member Specific Benefit Limits
  • Other Coverage Data (COB)
  • PCP Selections
  • Member Alternate Identifiers
  • Underwriting Data
  • Member Clinical Diary
  • Guardianship Directives
  • Student Status Tracking
  • HRA Accounting
  • FLEX Contributions
  • Under Age dependent communication rules
  • More.


  • Data scrubbing
  • Duplicate Scrubbing
  • Inbound and outbound data via 834, CSV, XML, TEXT