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Clinical Edits

Claims editing features provide the ability to integrate with third party edit tools as well as integrated Medicare and proprietary rules to perform bundling, unbundling, auditing and cost containment. Learn More

Clinical Coding & Detection

DRG Grouper interfaces, and internal tools to define and detect service and claim classifications provide granular identification and control of health services. Learn More

Benefit Plan Adjudication

The process of adjudicating health claims is a complex business ideally suited for automation, and VISOVA provides a solution with simplicity and power. Flexible Benefit Plan definitions allow for great control over user defined Accumulators, Copay, Coinsurance, Deductibles, Limits, and waiting periods. Learn More

Enrollment Management

If your business model requires that you manage member enrollment, VISOVA has a fully integrated enrollment system to support claims, premium billing, capitation and all other member related activities. Learn More

Provider Management

The VISOVA provider system is designed to provide you with the level of control you need for your business. Learn More

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